Liquor liability lowdown: Have you asked your clients if they are throwing a party?

For brokers with hospitality clients, or just clients providing hospitality, here is a package of stories to help you start some conversations around customers' liability risks.

Liability for hospitality clients, and any business serving alcohol, is top of mind for our readers this week. The news that SGI is suing the bars that served a drunk driver that killed a family of four is the most read story on our site right now. The lawsuit underscores the positive duty bar and restaurant owners have to ensure staff are properly trained to prevent serving patrons too much alcohol–and to intervene when a patron is going to get behind the wheel.

With summer finally upon us, bars and patios are in full swing, your clients are hosting staff parties, charity golf tournaments and other events where alcohol may be served, introducing infrequent or unfamiliar risks to their businesses. The following package of stories from the Canadian Insurance Top Broker archives provides you with a few conversation starters to talk about some risks your customers may not have to manage every day.

Liquor, Parties and Axe-Throwing

2011: Province of Ontario relaxes some liquor laws. What were the implications for hospitality clients from these changes?

The Perils of Bouncy Castles. Are any of your clients hosting a staff party, customer appreciation event or charity sports tournament this summer? There are a number of risks they may be introducing to their business for which they are not adequately insured.

Axe-Throwing Leagues and Liabilities. Yes, actually you can get insurance for a bunch of people who like to hurl wood-chopping tools while enjoying a beer in between throws.

Night Clubs, Strip Clubs, Sex Clubs. Can you guess which one is the biggest risk as far as liquor liability? What about other forms of liability?

Craft Breweries. These small entrepreneurial businesses rely on tasting events and other opportunities to serve their product to prospective buyers. Liability insurance is essential.

Tee Time. Liquor liability is one of many risks golf course owners need to manage.

Recreational Sports Leagues. No injury waiver is bulletproof. Catastrophic injuries present a special challenge.

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